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I provide one-on-one consultations in-person in Burlington, VT or online.

Herbal consultations are for you are looking to relieve digestive discomfort, improve your mood or focus, sleep better or get relief from pain.  I have a particular focus on men's health but work with people of all genders.

Benefits of herbal consultations

If you sign up, my intentions are to do what I can do support you to:

  1. Be your best self: Be further on the path toward becoming the best version of yourself.

  2. Reach your personal goals: Feel more capable with more rest, energy, clarity and focus

  3. Feel more present with those you love: Be able to enjoy time with them by finding relief from things like digestive discomfort, emotional difficulties or minor aches and pains

What's involved

In our herbal support package you'll meet with me for 3 sessions at 1 month intervals. The first session is 1.5 hours and follow-ups are 45 minutes. We can continue to work together beyond these 3 months if need be for $75/session.

In our first session, you will:

  • Be truly heard, with an opportunity to share your health story

  • Receive positive, non-judgmental attention

  • Begin a healing partnership based on compassion and caring


After our first session, you will get:

  • A personalized herbal blend (or blends) that's unique to you and your needs, in the form of tea, powder, tincture or capsule, according to your preferences and means

  • Education about the herbs that can help, and how you can access them in the future (including growing or harvesting if that's an interest)

  • A plan for self-care that we develop together

  • A full, detailed write-up of what we talked about and my recommendations

  • Diet and lifestyle suggestions, including foods lists if those are helpful

  • Resources for further support from other practitioners if needed


In between sessions you'll get:

  • Daily support in the form of the herbal blend that you are taking

  • The opportunity to ask me questions and check in over e-mail if needed, up to 1x/week

  • Occasional 5 minute phone call check-ins if that is easier than e-mail

At follow-up visits you'll get:

  • The opportunity to evaluate together how things are going

  • A modified plan if need be

  • Additional listening and compassionate support through the healing process


Men's Health

I am particularly excited to work with other people that identify as male. From my experience growing up as a male and living as a male I know that self-care doesn't always come easily. I've been very fortunate that in my life I've encountered some wonderful people who have helped me learn how to be gentle with myself and to seek support when needed. I know how powerful it is simply to be heard, and I hope that I can offer that to you.

My background

My herbal experience comes from a variety of training programs and immersions, including a 3-year clinical training program in Vermont. In addition to that I've learned about self-care through a meditation practice throughout my adult life, as well as peer-to-peer counseling. But perhaps the most important experiences that I've had for this context are the experiences I've had with medicinal plants - personal connections, meditations and support from plants that in many instances seem similar to my human friends.


Do you have a sliding scale?

  • We offer an herbal justice fund to provide financial support to those that need it.

How do I know it will work?

  • While I can't guarantee all of your health goals will be met what I can promise is that I'll make my best effort to help you along the way. Check out our testimonials to see the positive results that others like you have gotten.


How do the herbs actually work anyway?

  • Many herbs are backed up by scientific research these days that has identified active chemical constituents. Somewhere between 25-40% of pharmaceuticals were derived from plants originally. More and more, the medical community is seeing the benefits that are available from natural remedies. But perhaps even more important, herbal medicine traditions date back 2,000+ years, and we are drawing from the vast wisdom and experience of those that came before, with gratitude.


"I really appreciate working with Nick for herbal therapy. He was clearly thoughtful and thorough to my individual situation and concerns. He took time to speak with me and evaluate my situation. I did not feel embarrassed speaking about sensitive health issues with him, his compassion shines through. Through his herbal therapy I found resolution of my menstrual cramps and I am extremely grateful." - S.C., Burlington, VT

"Nick is both an astute clinician and a calming presence. The treatments he recommended led to a shift in my symptoms that I was not able to achieve with conventional therapies. He is also wonderful at explaining the herbalist's evaluation and through the process of seeing him for treatment I learned a lot more about herbalism. I highly recommend seeing Nick for an herbal consultation." - J.M., Burlington, VT

"Choose Nick if you are looking for a well-informed, compassionate practitioner who will go to bat for you. I met with Nick over a year’s time.  He kept meticulous notes, researched my issues assiduously, and was always up to speed on my regimen.  Nick is attentive, consistently responsive, and has a nice healing energy about him.  You will be well-served!"  - C.C., Warren, VT

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