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    Improve your health with natural remedies

Herbal Consultations

I provide one-on-one consultations in-person in Burlington or online.  Herbal consultations are a great way to get a new perspective on your health form a holistic point of view.  By working together, we come up with ideas for herbs, foods and lifestyle choices that can bring  you closer to the picture of well-being that you envision. 

I help people who are interested in general advice about their health and discovering new ways to maintain their good health and prevent future illness.  I also help people who are struggling with specific health challenges such as chronic illness or acute infection to find out how they can support their body's natural mechanisms to heal itself.


Contact me to schedule a time Monday through Saturday, day or evening.  The cost is on a sliding scale of $40-50 per hour for in-person consultations.  Custom herb blends can be provided through the Railyard Apothecary.

Online Consultations

I've begun offering distance consultations through These consultations are offered as a subscription service that can be canceled at any time which includes the cost of herbs mailed anywhere in the U.S..  During our initial launch period we're offering big discounts for the first two months.  Check out!

What to expect

- Initial appointments are 2 hours

- Consultations are thorough and will cover both any major concerns you would like to address as well as a general overview of all of the body systems.


"I really appreciate working with Nick for herbal therapy. He was clearly thoughtful and thorough to my individual situation and concerns. He took time to speak with me and evaluate my situation. I did not feel embarrassed speaking about sensitive health issues with him, his compassion shines through. Through his herbal therapy I found resolution of my menstrual cramps and I am extremely grateful." - S.C., Burlington, VT

"Nick is both an astute clinician and a calming presence. The treatments he recommended led to a shift in my symptoms that I was not able to achieve with conventional therapies. He is also wonderful at explaining the herbalist's evaluation and through the process of seeing him for treatment I learned a lot more about herbalism. I highly recommend seeing Nick for an herbal consultation." - J.M., Burlington, VT

"Choose Nick if you are looking for a well-informed, compassionate practitioner who will go to bat for you. I met with Nick over a year’s time.  He kept meticulous notes, researched my issues assiduously, and was always up to speed on my regimen.  Nick is attentive, consistently responsive, and has a nice healing energy about him.  You will be well-served!"  - C.C., Warren, VT

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