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Traditional remedies, modern lifestyles


This part of the site is to share about some great parts of the herbal community such as Railyard Apothecary in Burlington and the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier.


Learn more about plants, health and the wider world with periodic posts on the blog.  This is a place to look for answers to some of your basic questions about herbs.



Consultations are a way to get a new perspective on your health and to receive support to move in a different direction.

About Nick

Hi, I'm Nick!  I'm a clinical herbalist seeking to help people with their health challenges using natural remedies. I see clients in person and online, teach classes in the community, and help out with various herbal projects.


My interest in herbalism was sparked by the way it connects individuals to the natural world.  I'm also interested in connecting mind, body and spirit and have been a practitioner of mindfulness meditation for many years.

Take a look around the site to learn more about my practice and herbalism in general.  Be in touch with any questions!

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